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Vault Clinical Suite

Vault Clinical Suite transforms clinical development with the most comprehensive suite of clinical solutions on a single cloud platform. Life sciences companies can increase visibility, streamline end-to-end processes, and improve how sponsors, CROs, and sites work together throughout the clinical trial.


For fast-growing biopharmas, Vault Clinical Suite provides a scalable platform that delivers continuous innovation with a sustainable cost of ownership. Best practices are built into Veeva’s products, so smaller teams can establish efficient processes right from the start.


Many large organizations have fragmented system landscapes and complex aging infrastructures that hinder progress for IT and study teams. Vault Clinical Suite simplifies the clinical landscape, delivers immediate efficiencies, and stays current with industry-leading innovations.


Help lean teams
do more with less


Reduce complexity and streamline
business processes

Speed and Agility

Adapt quickly
when you need to

Veeva’s connected suites enable companies to take a unified approach to clinical operations and clinical data management.

The Vault Clinical Operations to CDMS Connection is a productized integration that Veeva builds and maintains to enable customers to seamlessly transmit data between Vault Clinical Operations and Vault CDMS. The systems transmit information in near real-time, creating and updating records automatically for sites, subjects, visits, procedures, protocol deviations, and more.



Bi-directional data flows enable sponsors to:

  • Simplify monitoring
  • Track and plan recruitment more effectively
  • Pay sites faster
  • Centralize management of protocol deviations

Speed Study Start-up

Improving study start-up times requires a multi-pronged approach. Find the right sites, activate, and greenlight them faster with process automation. De-risk your timelines using Agile Design technologies and processes that speed study builds.

Productized Rules and Dynamics

Build studies quickly regardless of complexity

System-generated Documentation

Document everything that was built and what changed without lifting a finger

Built-in Global Intelligence

Easily manage regulatory complexities with country-specific start-up workflows

Configuration not Code

Define range checks, date comparisons, and progressive display with simple configurations

Data-driven Site Selection

Select quality sites based on historical performance, reducing downstream monitoring costs and burden

Start-up Homepage

Manage and prioritize critical tasks and milestones to keep study start-up on track

Be More Agile

Unified product suites, modern architectures, and a common technology platform make you more nimble and able to support growth with scalable operations. Respond quickly to any request for post-production changes.

Easy Updates Mid-study

Make amendments without data migrations or EDC downtime for sites

Near-zero Custom Functions

Replace burdensome custom functions with a powerful rules engine that’s easy to use

Rapid Decision-making

Improve issue management and trial planning with a real-time view of trial status

Increase Efficiency and Compliance

Vault Clinical Suite helps organizations go digital with their clinical processes and achieve a step change in productivity gains. Automating tasks removes manual steps, builds quality into your trials from the beginning, and increases compliance so you’re always inspection-ready.

QuickView Filters

Finish SDV faster with QuickView filters that help CRAs focus on what matters most

Event-driven Automation

Milestone changes in study start-up and CTMS trigger automatic document filing in eTMF

Global Directory

Reuse master trial, site, and investigator data across studies to eliminate redundancy

Site Payments

Subject visits from EDC automatically trigger payable items, speeding payments


CRAs can view key study details at-a-glance and quickly author trip reports, saving time and money

Study Training

Streamline and automate training for sponsors, CROs, and research singes in a single platform.

Increase Transparency

Streamlining collaboration and information sharing with CROs helps sponsors stay informed of a trial’s progress. Sponsors maintain control of documents and data at every point throughout the trial lifecycle for better oversight and study quality.

Collaborative Design Reviews

Sponsors review the EDC system, not PDFs and spreadsheets, with many fixes made in real-time

Centralized Reports and Dashboards

Sponsors and CROs each have real-time, self-serve access to reports and data extracts

Seamless Information Sharing

Automated information exchange enables better collaboration and faster trials

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How can Veeva help your organization?