Customer Stories

Managing Correspondence and Commitments at TESARO with Veeva Vault RIM

“We’re using Vault [RIM] to manage correspondence and commitments by leveraging our submission information…within the same chronology as our correspondence. We’re able to do that in a way that we’ve never been able to do before.”

Sean McNiff, Senior Director, Regulatory Operations and Information, TESARO

Shifting from Passive to Active RIM Processes

Veeva evaluates process maturity on a five-point scale, which runs from passive, manual processes to those that are managed actively and optimized for efficiency. Many of the companies that we speak with share a common goal of doing more with less by improving collaboration, increasing productivity, and speeding time to market. To achieve these objectives, companies need to move away from traditional approaches where critical information and content live in static repositories and shift toward a single, unified system.

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