Five Ways MSLs can Easily Maximize Scientific Interactions

An insights-based and data-driven engagement strategy is at the core of medical affairs success. Veeva supports this with three annual product releases for Veeva Medical CRM, ensuring that MSLs are equipped with the most modern tools to maximize their scientific interactions.

Here are five great features your field medical teams can take advantage of. Most of these are standard functions within Veeva Medical CRM and available at no additional cost to the base license.

1. Manage Stakeholders and Accounts
Life sciences companies use Veeva Medical CRM’s account management capabilities to strategically engage with key opinion leaders and account types, such as hospitals and academic centers. Account teams can develop and manage plans with tactics and objectives, measure progress, view stakeholders, and coordinate with other collaborators.

2. Capture and Disseminate Medical Insights
Companies can identify strategic opportunities, such as possible new indications, through data-driven insights. Using Veeva Medical CRM, your MSLs can easily capture insights, determine the intelligence type, add a description, and quickly disseminate information. At the home office, medical teams can aggregate data and look for trends.

3. Engage with Impactful Scientific Presentations
Veeva CLM* delivers up-to-date and impactful scientific presentations to complement expert interactions. Provide field medical teams easy access to approved scientific content via a standard integration with Veeva Vault MedComms. MSLs have the ability to create custom presentations from your approved scientific content to address a KOL’s specific needs through their journey.

4. Enhanced Mobility for Field Medical Teams
iPhone for Veeva Medical CRM provides enhanced mobility for MSLs, enabling agile and seamless stakeholder engagements. Field medical personnel can access critical features, get real-time push notifications from home office, and access stakeholder info right from their iPhone. Access to additional data is available with links to Veeva Oncology Link or third-party sites.

5. Real-time Data Visualization for MSLs
Veeva Medical CRM MyInsights* is a dashboard and real-time visualization capability designed specifically to help MSLs manage KOL interactions. By combining third-party data with engagement data, field teams can quickly see a KOL’s activity, clinical trials, and medical events, as well as view past engagements and insights to determine next-steps.

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*Veeva CRM MyInsights and Veeva CLM are not standard features of Veeva Medical CRM and require additional licenses.