Veeva CRM Events Management

Simplified, flexible, and compliant. Engage intelligently with an end-to-end events solution.

Veeva CRM Events Management is embedded in Veeva CRM to provide a 360-degree customer view, supporting multichannel marketing strategies with a full command of all interactions. A common interface optimizes end-user experience and drives significant internal business and technology efficiencies. Events Management provides one solution for all events and engagements, supporting visibility and control, and driving an impactful events experience.

Integrated Virtual Events

Create and execute virtual programs with Veeva CRM Engage Webinar capabilities. Engage Webinar improves your event’s reach by eliminating geographic barriers by providing attendee access from any device, deep content integration, and an easy-to-use interface for hosts and speakers.

  • Embedded: Veeva CRM Events Management and Engage Webinar are seamlessly embedded within Veeva CRM and fully integrated with all Veeva’s commercial applications.
  • Simplified: A single interface unifies service providers, compliance tools, and enterprise applications to provide an end-to-end solution across an organization.
  • Compliant: Delivering visibility and control of all activities and event types for greater compliance.
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