Veeva OpenData Customer Data

The right data, right where you need it

Busy physicians want information at their fingertips. Yet pharma reps struggle to complete even basic office visits using the stale customer data in their CRM systems. The need for accurate, accessible customer data could not be more urgent.

Veeva OpenData provides comprehensive records for healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs), and their affiliations. Detailed customer profiles are delivered without delay to Veeva CRM, so commercial teams can connect on all engagement channels. With reliable access to better data, one global pharma company has reduced help-desk data inquiries by 70%.

Veeva OpenData is multi-sourced and verified, ensuring the highest levels of coverage and quality. Real-time input from life science’s largest CRM community provides immediate visibility into customer changes. And Veeva’s expert data stewards resolve data change requests faster – 98% within one day – so reps can engage with speed and confidence.

Designed with a global view, Veeva OpenData provides a consistent standard of quality and service worldwide. Now it is possible to harmonize customer engagement and deliver compliant interactions in every market.

  • Smarter commercial decisions: Accurate demographic data helps you eliminate sales coverage gaps, improve targeting, and eliminate incentive compensation errors.
  • Better sales execution: Eliminate wasted visits to the wrong address. With detailed HCP, HCO, and affiliations data, you can find new customers, deepen existing relationships, and support account-based selling.
  • Streamlined compliance: Immediate sample eligibility confirmation keeps reps productive and compliant, while accurate specialties minimize the risk of off-label promotion. Use a single, global identifier to accurately track and report aggregate spend.


Integrated with Veeva CRM
Veeva OpenData delivers customer records quickly to Veeva CRM. Data Change Requests (DCRs) are submitted directly from Veeva CRM, and most are resolved in under one day.
Reference Data
Complete HCP, HCO, and affiliations data are provided, enabling more precise targeting, better commercial productivity and deeper market penetration.
Compliance Data
Accurate prescriber specialty and state license data enable compliance with government programs like DEA, OIG LEIE, and more. HCP targets are cross-verified and enhanced routinely to help ensure PDMA compliance. Perform NPI lookups with ease and accuracy.
Customer Identifiers
Veeva OpenData HCP and HCO global identifiers help you navigate complex healthcare networks, trace visibility to cross-border engagement, and track aggregate spend.
Multi-sourced for High Accuracy
Veeva OpenData Customer Data combines information from authoritative public and local sources, such as the AMA Physician Masterfile, American Hospital Association, NPI database, and U.S. state license boards.
Responsive Stewardship

A global staff of expert data stewards follows rigorous quality procedures leveraging web and phone research techniques, to update customer information continuously with precision.

Partner Program
With the Veeva OpenData Partner Program, you can bring together multiple sources of customer data without the headache of three-party agreements.

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