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Veeva Nitro: the Next-generation Commercial Data Warehouse

The ongoing costs and maintenance of traditional data warehouses are a significant challenge to life sciences companies. Because they do not easily load new data, commercial data warehouses fail to evolve with your business, ultimately requiring replacement in just a few short years. Veeva Nitro is different because it is a next-generation commercial data warehouse designed specifically for the life sciences industry. It is infinitely scalable and adapts to your changing business strategy. Veeva Nitro’s adaptive “Intelligent Sync” automatically integrates your most important data sources, including Veeva CRM, Vault PromoMats, Veeva Align, marketing clouds, and other platforms, to ensure that your information is always current. The unique data model loads your commercial sources, including marketing, syndicated data, account enrichment, and more. It features standard data connectors for all common industry data sets as well as your own custom data sources. Intelligent Sync and standard connectors dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with data warehousing. Veeva Nitro gives your commercial teams access to always current data for advanced analytics and forms your foundation for artificial intelligence.

Watch Veeva CEO Peter Gassner discuss data management.

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