A Data-Driven Approach to Omnichannel Marketing

Today, pharma marketers require comprehensive, accurate, accessible, and actionable data and tools to help them gain insights into patient and healthcare professional (HCP) touchpoints. But with more data to consider, it must be the right data and delivered in an actionable way. Veeva Crossix has announced new products and enhancements to help marketers better execute and optimize omnichannel marketing campaigns: HCP Trigger Data, Omnichannel Boost, and weekly TV Data.

Customer-driven innovation

Veeva has developed powerful innovations in partnership with customers, and the new Crossix HCP Trigger Data product is one such outcome.

One enterprise customer wanted to understand how direct-to-consumer (DTC)-driven patient influence fit into the omnichannel HCP experience. The organization wanted to understand and influence that exam room conversation and gain a complete picture of the factors influencing HCP prescribing.

To answer those questions, Crossix set up a pilot to determine which HCPs were seeing patients who had previously visited a brand website. This inquiry is tailor-made for core Crossix technology, which combines large-scale data sets in a privacy-safe way.

Crossix HCP Trigger Data is delivered through Veeva Crossix Data Stream and is available now. Every month, marketers receive a list, at the NPI-level, of all HCPs whose patients have also visited the website. With this information, brands can deliver messaging to HCPs who have just been primed by patient conversations. Plus, they can find more HCPs who are receptive to brand messaging. One of our customers used this information to identify 8% additional, relevant prescribers.

Accurate, actionable data to improve health outcomes

In omnichannel marketing, brands move beyond individual channel performance to take a broader view. They need data that is comprehensive and accurate, rapidly available, and actionable. They need tools that will help them understand what patients and HCPs do after seeing their ads and how to optimize all marketing touchpoints. The second new Crossix product this year, Omnichannel Boost, helps answer those questions.

At Veeva, we can take data across DTC and HCP marketing touchpoints—from digital to TV, print to the point of care—and connect it to field force engagement for Veeva CRM customers. Marketers can quickly understand if, after seeing their ad, patients are visiting rep-engaged HCPs and starting on a new prescription.

With Omnichannel Boost, marketers will have the data to understand channel synergies, optimal frequency levels, and sequencing. For example, they will have data that could show them the best place to put their next media dollar after a rep visit to a doctor.

Faster TV data

The third Crossix announcement brings greater speed to Crossix TV, our linear TV campaign measurement solution. As the landscape for linear TV, online video, and streaming video continues its rapid evolution, marketers need access to performance data faster than ever before.

Every week, Crossix customers will see match-back health data at a network level, delivered through Crossix Data Stream. Marketers can stop referencing month-old performance data and move to metrics that reflect the week at hand. This capability will allow them to more seamlessly make decisions and connections across linear TV and online media buys to make the most of each dollar spent on video.

Data-driven marketing for patients and HCPs

To execute effective omnichannel campaigns in today’s competitive market, pharma marketers must have access to the right data delivered in an actionable way. Crossix continues to innovate and provide powerful data connections that can drive patient and HCP marketing.

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