Connect Marketing to
Health Outcomes

Measure and optimize HCP and DTC marketing based
on the metrics that matter most—patient behavior.

How well is your advertising really working? Understand the impact of marketing on health behavior.
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Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investments

Veeva Crossix DIFA is the leading SaaS platform for measuring and optimizing healthcare marketing.
The Crossix Data Platform enables DIFA to tie advertising campaigns to health behavior and prescription sales.



Understand the impact of your DTC digital marketing investments and brand website visits on patient behavior.

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Understand the audience quality of visitors to HCP websites and the impact of digital campaigns on prescribing behavior.

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Plan, measure, and optimize DTC linear TV campaigns.

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Connect cross-channel marketing campaigns to doctor visitation, new patient starts, and adherence.

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Crossix Technology was Purpose-built to Protect Privacy

Discover how a distributed analytics approach exceeds HIPAA requirements while delivering actionable insights for health brands.

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DIFA Data Stream

Gain full access to all your underlying DIFA marketing data in a direct feed for in-house analytics.

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Veeva CRM Boost for DIFA

Understand how personal and non-personal promotion work together to improve patient outcomes.

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DIFA Partner Program

The DIFA Partner Program was developed to enhance and complement the increasingly complex media ecosystem with direct integrations from leading publishers and platforms.

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Resources for Measurement and Optimization

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Industry Brief The 2020 NAI Code of Conduct for Measurement of Digital Health Campaigns
Press Release Crossix Launches DIFA Partner Program to Enable Direct Integrations with Leading Publishers and Media Platforms
Blog Ashley Slavik, Chief Privacy Officer & Lead Data Counsel, discusses how pharma marketers can ensure their measurement approach is NAI-compliant.