Distributed Analytics
Protects Consumer Privacy

A modern approach to data and analytics uses
technology to protect the privacy of health data.

Crossix technology connects person-level health data in a privacy-safe way.
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The Crossix Data Platform

Faster, more accurate insights with privacy-safe distributed analytics.

Accuracy and Security

The best – and most secure – data lives right at the source. Using a distributed approach, matching and analytics take place within the data supplier environments in our network, behind privacy firewalls.

Patented Technology for Unmatched Privacy

No employee can access any personally identifiable information (PII), device identifiable information (DII) or protected health information (PHI) in the Crossix Data Platform.

Reporting on Groups of People

We perform analytics based on actual health data for cohorts of people. Only HIPAA-certified de-identified, aggregated results ever leave the health data suppliers in our network.

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