If You Use Suvoda IRT, Veeva Vault EDC, or Are Considering Them…

If you use Suvoda IRT, Veeva Vault EDC, or are considering them, then you should listen to our joint webinar discussing the power of a partnered approach for best-of-breed eClinical solutions. Suvoda and Veeva integrated their platforms for randomization and data collection and the synergy produced creates efficiencies for customers throughout the trial.

Figure 1. An automated integration eliminates duplicate data entry at the site.

Cara Therapeutics had previously sacrificed system functionality for the increased simplicity of working with a single provider solution. But integration issues, even with a single provider, resulted in manual interventions and duplicate steps for the study team. Cara shared how the integration between Suvoda IRT and Vault EDC created more simplicity and reduced risk, and how working with modern systems helped them get a highly complex study up and running quickly.

This webinar answers questions surrounding:

  • IRT and EDC technologies that help handle protocol complexities
  • The meaning of a “productized integration” between Suvoda IRT and Veeva Vault EDC
  • Cara’s experience of working with the products and services teams from both organizations

If you are using or considering either system, we highly recommend listening to Cara’s story to hear the benefits of working with partners that provide modern best-of-breed quality along with productized integrations.

You can find the entire recording here.