Modernizing QC Strategy to Achieve Right-First-Time Manufacturing

Quality control (QC) business leaders are striving to improve QC efficiency, tying efforts to significant IT and business goals such as eliminating paper-based processes. Many of their programs have resulted in innovative solutions that add clear business value by solving recurring problems. All too often, however, these solutions only solve localized problems and fail to connect to broader IT and business strategies. Frequently, the result is a collection of point solutions — discrete islands of improvement that are difficult to maintain, cannot be connected to other systems, and fail to be adopted by end users.

Successful QC lab modernization demands more holistic strategies. It requires considering a much bigger picture and integrating different systems within a single platform to enable automation, increase data accessibility, and improve user experience.

Adopting industry cloud platforms for QC, as companies have done for QMS and many other functional areas, is the best way to achieve these results. Life sciences companies of all sizes and types routinely use cloud platforms as centralized data hubs to enhance connectivity, enable workflow automation, and improve data accessibility.

This approach connects QC labs to QMS, ERP, and Quality Assurance (QA) workflows and data, improving collaboration and increasing productivity. The results are lower cycle time, less rework, and faster batch release.

Adopting cloud-based approaches to QC must be planned carefully to avoid merely “lifting and shifting” the inadequacies of paper-based systems and legacy software to the cloud. More companies are building a foundation for modern, connected QC by adopting a cloud-based LIMS such as Vault LIMS.

Watch this webinar to learn more about getting beyond a localized focus on individual improvements to a holistic, modern QC strategy and how cloud platforms and SaaS-based LIMS can reduce risk and improve efficiency within your organization.

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