Research Report

Research Approach:

This report is based on firsthand experiences, conducted through a series of interviews, with life sciences industry executives who have implemented a modern, multitenant, cloud-based quality solution.

About the Report:

Companies are adopting a cloud culture to lower the cost of implementation, enable collaboration with partners outside of their own four walls. However, executives explained that the main barriers to implementing a cloud QMS are theoretical in nature and are often tied to the fear of the unknown.

This report aims to shed light on this topic. Furthermore, this report:

  • Reveals how the use of cloud QMS supports improved quality, compliance, collaboration, and communication across the entire product value chain.
  • Discusses end-to-end capabilities needed to manage quality and compliance requirements with QMS, as well as offers suggestions on infrastructure best suited for cloud QMS.
  • Provides insight into how industry leaders are successfully utilizing cloud QMS to drive improvements in product quality and accelerate new product introductions in a timely and cost-effective manner, while supporting regulatory compliance.

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This eBook was written by Axendia and presented by Veeva Systems. The opinions and analysis expressed in this research reflect the judgment of Axendia at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.