Maximize the Impact of
Your Digital Marketing

Measure and optimize digital marketing with an always-on view
of DTC advertising and brand website performance.

Crossix is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and our solutions are fully compliant with the NAI Code of Conduct

Veeva Crossix DIFA

Move beyond traditional metrics, like clicks and brand site visits, to understand the true impact of digital campaigns on patient behavior.


Reach More Target Patients

Understand if your campaign is reaching the right audience and driving desired health behaviors.

Make Timely Optimization Decisions

Optimize campaigns earlier and more effectively, both across and within publishers, with weekly data updates.

Validate Marketing Investments

Connect digital campaign spending to business impact and ROI.

The Leader in Digital Measurement






Market Share


Understand the types of patients that visit your websites and the health actions they take after they leave.


Improve Audience Quality

Compare the relative performance of media drivers, including social and search.

Optimize Site Content

Make decisions about site content using actual treatment data and post-visit behavior.

Connect Search Campaigns to Health Data

Optimize paid search campaigns by understanding the profile of audiences based on treatment, diagnosis and clinical data.

Crossix Technology was Purpose-built to Protect Privacy

Discover how a distributed analytics approach exceeds HIPAA requirements while delivering actionable insights for health brands.

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DIFA Data Stream

Gain full access to all your underlying DIFA marketing data in a direct feed for in-house analytics.

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Veeva CRM Boost for DIFA

Understand how personal and non-personal promotion work together to improve patient outcomes.

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DIFA Partner Program

The DIFA Partner Program was developed to enhance and complement the increasingly complex media ecosystem with direct integrations from leading publishers and platforms.

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