Gain a Holistic View Your
Target Audience

Identify and understand relevant target patient and HCP
audiences with the industry’s most comprehensive data network.

Patient and HCP Insights

Crossix Insights uses privacy-safe technology and data assets to identify more relevant target audiences that can be seamlessly activated across media channels.


Patient Segmentation

Our groundbreaking approach to segmentation leverages the power of data science to uncover your most relevant audiences. By connecting actual patient-level health data with demographic, socioeconomic, consumer, and media data, you can better identify and understand your target patients.

Patient Profile

Crossix Patient Profile gives you rich and granular insights of your target DTC audiences, however you define your potential patients. By combining actual health and behavioral data with thousands of demographic, socio-economic and consumer variables, we offer custom-defined patient cohorts that can be activated across media channels.


HCP Consumer Profile

HCPs are more than just professionals. To market to them more effectively, you also need to understand them as people. Crossix provides rich information at the HCP-level, with actual demographic, financial and consumer data for target prescribers. You can segment HCP audiences more effectively and optimize your personal and non-personal promotional efforts based on HCPs’ personal preferences.

HCP Connect

Uncover new opportunities that may be missed by examining traditional prescribing behavior alone. HCP Connect uses predictive patient analytics to identify HCPs treating more potential target patients. Our customers have achieved a 15% improvement in the effectiveness of personal and non-personal promotion targeting.

Crossix Technology was Purpose-built to Protect Privacy

Discover how a distributed analytics approach exceeds HIPAA requirements while delivering actionable insights for health brands.

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