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Strengthening Quality Management with Training

Strengthening Quality Management with Training

Bonnie Pappacena, Vice President of Quality & Cynthia Gronostajski, Director of Quality
Foamix Pharmaceuticals

With the Veeva training system, it’s really going to help. Being able to retrieve that information in a timely manner really shows that you have control over your system and the agency looks very favorable on that.

We’re going to be able to implement the training system from formulation all the way through into our commercial, our marketing team. It’s going to be nice to have one system within the company that can manage all of that training.

One of the benefits is that Vault training is connected with Vault QualityDocs and Vault QMS. And Veeva training is really unique, where you can upload SOPs, always have the most current one on there. It can track training for individuals and Veeva Quality actually provides a list of who has been trained, who hasn’t been trained so you can follow up to ensure that everyone needed that training has actually completed it and accomplished it.

To be able to provide that on-time training electronically rather than waiting to bring folks together to do a training program for them or giving hard copies of SOPs and documenting that folks have read and understood, it will just, from a resource perspective, but also from an effectiveness perspective, will have a tremendous benefit.

It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to hit a button for one employee and get all of that employee’s training records pulled up. We will be able to do that.

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