Veeva CRM to Vault CRM Enablement Workshop

Transfer your Veeva CRM knowledge and skill into Vault CRM and the Vault Platform.

  • Gain comfort navigating Vault CRM to efficiently complete tasks you are familiar with in Veeva CRM
  • Learn about the capabilities of Vault Documents, Lifecycles, Workflows and Sandboxing.
  • Gain hands-on experience using Vault reports, Dashboards, and Loader to analyse and manage data.
  • Extend and customise the Vault CRM object model through the Vault Object Framework.
  • Apply dynamic, multi-layered security for your Vault CRM users.
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Workshop Schedule

(2 Full Days – 9 AM to 5 PM)

August 2024
August 6 – 7 (PDT)
August 27 – 28 (EDT)
September 2024
September 4th – 5th (GMT)
September 11th – 12th (IST)
September 11th – 12th (PDT)
September 18th – 19th (EDT)
September 24th – 25th (EDT)

Future dates will be added each month.

Develop Custom Code Solutions for Vault Platform

This course is a self-paced, on-demand course that introduces learners to the tools and best practices used to develop integrations and deliver custom capabilities in Vault. The knowledge and skills obtained in this course apply to Vault application suites and serve as the foundation for additional Vault Developer training.

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Veeva CRM to Vault CRM Enablement Workshop

This workshop will introduce experienced Veeva CRM practitioners to the required skills and knowledge that will enable them to support migrations from Veeva CRM to Vault CRM. Participants will gain experience using relevant Vault features and configuration components that correspond to commonly used Veeva CRM (Salesforce) features and configuration components. 

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Vault PromoMats

This course will introduce trainees to the required skills and knowledge that will enable them to execute the responsibilities of a Vault PromoMats Administrator.  Participants will gain experience in a vast range of functionality from basic navigation to more advanced features and configuration which will enable them to maintain their existing system and its user’s day to day.

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Vault Platform Primer

This self-paced eLearning course lays the groundwork for understanding Vault Platform (VP), which is essential for all subsequent Vault Platform and Vault Application courses. It introduces foundational concepts that will be expanded upon in specialized courses tailored to the learner’s role in a Vault. This approach ensures that every learner has a solid knowledge base, enabling them to smoothly transition into more targeted courses that address their particular needs and application areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


No, a single renewal fee covers all certifications, no matter how many you hold.

To achieve Vault CRM certification, you can refer to our chart, which details the applicable courses based on your current experience with Veeva CRM. Whether you are already experienced or new to Vault CRM, the chart will guide you in selecting the right courses to enhance your skills.

Veeva CRM training and certification will be available until 2030. Should demand for live classes decrease, an on-demand version of the training will be offered to ensure continuous access to the certification program.

No. Veeva CRM Certifications will remain valid until a Vault CRM exam is published in 2025. All currently certified candidates will receive an exam voucher to earn their Vault CRM certification. Details and announcements around this transition will be emailed to candidates as updates are made to the program.

Training Courses

If you wish to train a large team, Veeva can arrange a private class by request. Please contact us at to discuss the details and set up a class tailored to your team’s needs.

Vault CRM Training will be available in October 2024, dates will be available to register for in September 2024. 

To participate in the Vault CRM Admin training, individuals are required to have completed the Vault Platform Technical Foundations course.

To enroll in the Vault Developer training, participants are expected to have a foundational understanding of the Vault platform, including its capabilities, administration, and configuration. Additionally, prospective trainees should possess practical experience with REST APIs and Java programming.

For the Veeva CRM to Vault CRM Enablement workshop – register your interest following the link above and we will send you an order form or credit card payment link.

For all other training please go to identify the training you wish and follow the purchase links.

To register for the Veeva CRM to Vault CRM Enablement workshop, complete the purchase process first. After that, the training team will provide you with the registration details.

Please see the links above, these can also be found at

Please follow the link above.

Commercial Products

Yes, Vault PromoMats administrator training will be available starting June 2024. Keep an eye on our website for more details.

No, Vault MedComms administrator training is not currently offered, but it is planned for the future. More information will be provided when available.

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