Establishing the Industry’s First Industry-wide Content Benchmarks

The average time for review and approval of promotional content is 21 days. How do you compare, and how can you improve? Insight into industry-standard performance indicators enables you to demonstrate progress over time, spot and resolve inefficiencies, and cement ongoing leadership support for the next steps of your content strategy.

The pressure to deliver personalized, relevant and compliant content to HCPs has dramatically increased and is likely to continue well beyond 2021: our benchmarks show that in between January and December of 2020, virtual interactions with HCP’s increased sixfold. As a result, life sciences companies are now creating 3.5 times more digital content than print. In this highly dynamic customer engagement landscape, those industry insights are crucial to drive a continuous assessment of your content performance and align your strategies.

Setting the Industry Standard for Content Performance

Industry benchmarks bring you the opportunity to harvest external data and turn it into a competitive advantage. Veeva Pulse Content Metrics, the first and only industry benchmark based on anonymized data collected from the field across 350+ pharma companies, unlocks this opportunity.

Unlike traditional benchmarks that collect declarative data through polls and surveys, it captures essential content performance metrics, such as the ones revealed above, directly from the leading life sciences solution for compliant promotional materials and digital asset management. Customers that are using Veeva Vault PromoMats can benefit from this benchmark as part of their investment, through a personalized report that compares their performance against the industry.

What’s Next: Unlocking the Power of Veeva Pulse Content Metrics

Looking for ways to drive your content strategy for continuous improvement? Sign-up today for a preview of the benchmark. In addition to approval times or volume of new content in the pipeline, it reveals a selected set of key performance indicators, such as overall time-to-market for content assets, number of review cycles, or content reuse.
In my next blog, I will offer a deeper view into the results with related guidance into how those business metrics will help you optimize, accelerate and innovate across your end-to-end content journey.

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