The Foundation for Your Digital Supply Chain

An integrated approach enables efficiency and reuse – reducing cost, improving compliance, and creating better collaboration.

To start building your digital supply chain, focus on foundational elements first:

  1. Processes
    • Brand planning and marketing
    • Content creation and distribution
  2. Organizational model
    • Job roles and responsibilities
    • Guidelines and training
  3. Content structure
    • Content templates
    • Content chapters and fragments

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AstraZeneca Reduces Compliance Risk

AstraZeneca reduced compliance risk globally and increased productivity with an end-to-end commercial content solution that transformed their digital supply chain. They identified three critical factors for a successful implementation:

  1. Global system configuration enables faster implementation and sustainability
  2. Ongoing communication globally, locally, and regionally ensures collaboration between teams
  3. Clear plans ensure stakeholder alignment and adherence

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Shire Enables Asset Reuse and Message Consistency

Amgen Saves Money and Automates Workflows

Teva’s Digital Content Planning Best Practices

Designing a Content Governance Model for Success

An effective content governance model provides oversight over all systems and processes as your business evolves, and ensures that your content will remain aligned with your strategy and vision.

There are three steps to creating a content governance model:

  1. Set up and design a governance framework
  2. Develop the content governance model
  3. Measure, anticipate, and refine the model

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BioMarin Maximizes Investment in DAM with a Librarian

Librarians can organize your DAM into a manageable collection of assets and keep your system optimized for content reuse. BioMarin leverages DAM librarians to:

Help gather requirements
and implement a strong
governance process

Ensure good metadata to
efficiently organize and
locate content

Regulate content to avoid
incorrect adds, duplicates,
asset junkyard

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Roche Diagnostics Speeds Time to Market

By better managing the lifecycle of digital assets, Roche Diagnostics is transforming its digital content management and saw immediate benefits:

  • Improved speed to market
  • Reduced expensive duplication
  • Maintained control of the brand image
  • Stayed compliant in a complex regulatory environment

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