Reach Health Consumers
Across Digital Media

Veeva Crossix Programmatic is the industry’s most
widely used, data-driven solution that helps brands reach
relevant health audiences, at scale.

Crossix is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and our solutions are fully compliant with the NAI Code of Conduct

Veeva Crossix Programmatic

Health brands, hospital systems, government agencies and others use Crossix Programmatic to reach consumer health audiences across the digital landscape. Learn more about our approach.


Reach high-quality health audiences in a privacy-safe way, in compliance with HIPAA and NAI guidelines.


Scale the reach of your digital advertising campaigns while reducing media waste.


60+ integrated DSPs, DMPs, and publishers allow for media versatility.

The Leading Solution for Health Marketers


Pharma Brands


Hospitals and Health Systems


OTC and CPG Brands

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